These are like part crown for one side of the teeth in the mouth, these are primarily used for aesthetics in the mouth, in situations where this may be less than optimal. These are normally made of a porcelain or composite material, which provides the relevant improvement in look of the mouth.

These are generally speaking less destructive than crowns in the mouth. They also help to remove any visual defect in the teeth, such as chips, dents, staining and also rotations. They are more maintenance free than bonding composite filling materials to the teeth and can generally give better aesthetic results with greater strength. They also can a very life like appearance to the teeth as well, with a large range of shade matching.

The procedure behind this involves a few visits, but a consultation is the first visit, this is where the patient and the dentist will talk over what the patient wants. Then this is followed by talking about what is achievable.

This is followed by thepreparationvisit, where the teeth are minimally prepped to a controlled amount and then dental impressions are taken of the prepared teeth. Along with this, a careful choice of the shade is taken and then all the information will be relayed to the lab technician. Temporary dental veneers are sometimes placed on the preparations as well, although these are not required in every case. In the final visit the dental veneers are fitted using a special dental adhesive cement.

"The dentist, Dr Amardeep Singh Mann (BDS (Glasgow, 2006), GDC Number: 104347), will be be able to provide all of the above treatments with his kind and friendly staff. If there are any queries during the treatment, please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help."