Crowns, both porcelain, metal and metal-porcelain

These are used to cover teeth where the teeth are heavily restored and need protection, also for the improvement of appearance. These consist of different materials, metal materials for protection, porcelain for the improvement of appearance and metal-porcelain which combines the best of both worlds. The tooth is normally prepared before the crown is fitted, this normally involved drilling the tooth to reduce it somewhat. n general a dental crown is used when a tooth has been badly damaged through decay or an accident.

Whilst a filling may be used for most cavities; when the size of the cavity means that a filling would leave the tooth with insufficient strength, a dental crown, also sometimes referred to as a cap, is likely to be used instead. Following an initial consultation with our dentist, we can then proceed with the treatment. A dental impression is taken of the teeth to allow the technician to be able to make the crown. In the meantime, a temporary crown is placed to keep function, aesthetics and maintain the space in the mouth. The crown whilst it is being made, can be sized to match the tooth colour and shape as well.

Once this has been done, then the crown will be sent back and then this will be fitted with a specific cement adhesive suitable for the material which is chosen.

This can also be used on root canal treated teeth as well, in order to provide protection to the tooth structure in usual function such as chewing and talking.

"The dentist, Dr Amardeep Singh Mann (BDS (Glasgow, 2006), GDC Number: 104347), will be be able to provide all of the above treatments with his kind and friendly staff. If there are any queries during the treatment, please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help."