Crowns, both porcelain, metal and metal-porcelain

A dental bridge is device that is used as a replacement for missing or lost teeth and they also attach to the surrounding natural teeth, these are fixed on the these teeth. Hence, they are not removable and help to effectively cover the gap where the tooth was.

The procedures that you have to undergo to have a bridge made are that the teeth either side of the gap, will be prepped by removing tooth tissue to make space for the fit of the bridge. After this, impressions are taken of the teeth and these are sent to a laboratory. Here, they are shaped and colored to match the natural teeth. Once the completed bridges returned from the lab, they are permanently cemented to the natural teeth in the space where the missing teeth once were.

The purpose of the bridge is both namely functional and aesthetic, this is to help us chew food for proper digestion but they also help us with speech and the alignment of our mouth/jaw. This is due to the fact that missing teeth make you unable to speak and chew properly, also, other teeth get overworked compensating for the missing teeth, this severely compromises oral function and can lead to excessive wear of the teeth as well. Bridges can also restore proper speech, reduce the risk of gum disease that is associated with missing teeth. If you are a missing several teeth, a dental bridge may be the best option for you.

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